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Latest Updates

  • Lecture and discussion on Agricultural Entrepreneurship

    Ms. Rosella Mosby of Mosby Farm in the Green River Valley of Auburn, Washington, will discuss agribusiness and youth engagement in rural revitalization on Monday, March 23, at the Nagoya International Center’s Daiichi Kenshusitsu. Registration required.

U.S.-Japan Exchanges

  • Education USA
    Education USA
    Your network for advice about studying abroad in the United States
    TOMODACHI is a public-private partnership that supports Japan's recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and invests in the next generation of Japanese and Americans. Ambassador Kennedy welcomed new support for the TOMODACHI Initiative to foster U.S.-Japan Exchanges.


  • Dogwood Tree Initiative in the Tokai Region
    Dogwood Tree Initiative in the Tokai Region
    In 1912, Japan gave the United States a gift of 3,000 cherry trees as a token of friendship between the two nations. In commemoration of the gift, the people of the United States today are offering 3,000 dogwood trees to the people of Japan through the Friendship Blossoms Initiative. About 540 trees will be planted in Aichi, Mie, Shizuoka and Gifu.